What Erika’s Designing



I’m the owner and designer of Rare Dirndl and the 24/7 lifestyle of being an entrepreneur is why Monika introduced me to yoga and essential oils. Practicing 3x a week at Core Power and utilizing calming essential oils have made me a better designer and better owner of my small business!

Rare by erikaRare Dirndl
is a line of badass dirndls and dirndl accessories that women want to wear whether they have a German event to go to or not. I’ve found a niche in the market that feeds my soul. It allows me to use my creativity on a daily basis and be a part of the German community that I grew up in and love so much!

I started Rare Dirndl in 2010. After I graduated from Dominican University and finished couture technique classes in Paris, France, I was still dancing with the American Aid Society of German Descendants Youth Group and I was simply bored of wearing my club dirndl all the time and seeing the same dirndls over and over. Germany had so many awesome dirndl designs, but nothing in the US… so I made it happen!


I moved my business from my parent’s dining room and living room in 2013 to what is now the Rare Dirndl Design Studio in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. I love the neighborhood and being able to do what I love everyday. Even though being an entrepreneur is stressful and full of daily ups and downs, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

the studio

My current collection is inspired by the alpine tradition of Krampus. Click here to check out the Rare Dirndl Blog to learn all about the latest collection and you can also see my newest designs and if you like them… you can order it online 🙂

One of the pieces from my current collection: Gruß vom Krampus