About The Sisters

Hi! Thanks for reading our blog! We are Erika & Monika, sisters from the Chicago-land area who have lots of hobbies and passions, but always put family first.

We are both passionate about fresh foods, holistic everyday health practices, essential oils, and living our dreams with family and friends. We try to live peaceful and clean lives, but we can’t deny certain facts about this world we live in. Things like junk food, wasting time on facebook, alcohol, and watching mindless television are undeniable. We believe that finding balance and happiness is what will bring us peace, and so that is what we strive to do.

Erika & Monika -Dazed & Diffused
Erika & Monika

Erika  |  Monika

Big Sister   |   Little Sister

Lives in:
City    |    Suburbs

Owner & Designer of Rare Dirndl     |    Yoga Instructor & CPY Studio Manager

Creating Photobooks, Yoga & all things Harry Potter  |     Snowboarding, Cooking/Eating, & Yoga

Essential Oil I use most often:
Purification    |      Lavender

Guilty Pleasure:
Egg McMuffins & binge watching NCIS    |     Drinking wine & binge watching SVU

Favorite TV Show:
Criminal Minds    |     Friends

Favorite Condiment:
Hellmann’s Mayo    |     Ranch

Favorite Yoga Pose:
Eagle Pose    |     Wheel Pose

Favorite Wine:
Sauvignon Blanc    |     Cabernet Sauvignon

Favorite Food:
Crab Legs    |     Pizza

Favorite Animal:
Sea Horses    |     Pandas

Most important thing in life:
Family    |     Family

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