Yoga in the 2nd Trimester

Everything about the 2nd trimester seems to be better than the 1st! All the really really hard work is done. Congrats! You’ve started and in some cases completely built those vital organs and your lil one is looking less like an alien and more like a human!


Yoga in the 2nd trimester (at least for me) was wonderful. There were definitely some changes and I had to start modifying my practice, but it was so much fun to see my body change and grow. In addition to all the modifications from the 1st trimester, here’s what to keep in mind for the 2nd:

  • Ease up on the stretches. Your body is producing a hormone called Relaxin… as it’s name implies it’s starting to relax the muscles and ligaments around your pelvis in preparation for childbirth. You may think you’re suddenly super flexible, but it’s an illusion… you may be pushing too hard because it seems so easy. Take stretches as a solid 50% of what you’d normally do.
  • If you couldn’t do it before, now is not the time to try. If you were working on some postures like forearm balance or crow pose and you couldn’t nail it before… now is not the time to try again. Skip that shit! Sit your ass down, meditate for a sec and drink some water.
  • Don’t get up to fast. Your blood pressure can fluctuate so when you are in a forward fold take it slow on the way up. Don’t want to get too light headed.
  • Start widening that stance. As the belly grows, so should your stance. Not only does your belly feel squished and uncomfortable, but you may be getting a little wobbly.
  • Listen to your body! If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! It’s ok!!!! For example, I hated runners lunge while pregnant. It just felt wrong, I don’t know what it was. But instead of listening to my body and skipping it, I just kept doing it. Then a few weeks later I started to get hardcore back pain and it felt like I got kicked in the crotch. Turned out to be early signs of pubis symphysis dysfunction… not good my friends, not good. At this point, I was instructed to stop stretching all together. So by the end of the 2nd trimester I was really going at 20% effort and using yoga as a way to move my body, enjoy the meditation of the practice and strengthen my muscles.


Overall yoga in the 2nd trimester was wonderful. Each week was a new experience. Creating ways to modify the classes and explore my ever changing body. If I have any advice it’s to take a nice spot in the back of the room, near a door or a window and let your practice be your own. Really listen to what works and what doesn’t for you. Make smart choices for your body and that lil’ baby growing inside it!

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