Yoga in the 1st Trimester

I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks and right away I thought, “I better go over all the pre-natal yoga stuff with Monika!”


Basically at the beginning you can still pretty much everything but here is what you should change and keep in mind:

  • Cut out the deep twists. Open arm twist are fine… as long as your hips stay facing forward.
  • Take it easier on the core work. Try to do things besides belly up core like hip lifts, holds, opposite arm/leg crunches in table top etc.
  • Say goodbye to Hot Yoga for a while. I still practiced in about 95 degrees, but 95 isn’t 105. Switch to open mouth exhales so you don’t build up any more heat and find a spot by a door or window where you know it’s not so hot.
  • Talk to your Dr. or Midwife. Make sure that before you start trying to be the master of pre-natal yoga, you talk to your healthcare provider about what he/she recommends for you. Everyone is different.

The thing about the first trimester in yoga, is there might be a time when suddenly… WHAMY! You feel like such a pile of horse shit, that going to yoga sounds like the last thing in the world you want to do.


Every pregnancy is different. For me, I went to yoga about 2-3x a week until about week 8… then it went to 0. I was super exhausted, many times I was throwing up a couple times a day, and I was slammed with work. So rest and getting my work done took priority.

Sometimes I tried to muster up the energy to do, but I just felt so crappy. Plus, the last thing I wanted to do was barf in class!

So moral of the story, give yourself a break in yoga for that 1st trimester. If your like me, you wanted to be the pregnant yogi master… but that aspiration might disappear in a flash. And it’s OK! Do what your heart says is the right thing when your building a human… it’s hard work gurl!!!

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