Latest Love: Coconut Oil (as hair conditioner)

Coconut oil has been all the rage for some time now…why? Because its freaking awesome and has tons of benefits. One of the many things that I love to do with coconut oil, especially in the winter months, is use it on my hair. You can use any type of coconut oil for this.


As soon as the heat in my house gets turned on, my hair, skin and nails start to suffer. Not only do my ends start to crack and feel like hay, but my scalp begins to itch from being so dry. There are two different ways that I apply the coconut oil (depending on how many humans I will see after I do it).

Full Application: After a shower, brush your hair and apply coconut oil (a little goes a long way) by massaging it from your roots all the way to your ends. Allow hair to air-dry. This will make your hair look like you just went bobbing for apples in a tub of coconut oil. Then in the morning wash your hair like your normally would if you feel your hair is still to greasy looking.

Ends Application: After a shower, brush your hair and put some coconut oil in your hands, apply a small amount to only the ends of your hair. Allow hair to air-dry.


I normally do this once or twice a week during the winter months and a few times a month during the summer, especially after a lot of time in pools or oceans! Happy Oiling!

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