The Gift of Kindness

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. It is based around family, gratitude, kindness, food, and wine! (I freakin’ love all of those things). It is a time where people are able to take a second to slow down in life in order to share their gratitude, kindness, and love to what is really in front of them in the present.


One of my favorite blends to diffuse during this beautiful Holiday has notes of citrus, cinnamon, and woodsy flavors, while delivering sparks of energy, respiratory and overall health benefits!

Kindness Blend

2 Drops Theives
4 Drops Citrus Fresh
1 Drop Cedarwood

If you favor the smell of Cedarwood over Theives you can switch the amounts to your liking! 


This year at my studio I am focusing on keeping this idea of slowing down and taking in what is truly important in the present, alive throughout the entire holiday season and into next year. One way is with the use of Karma Cards!


These were created to remind us to always embrace kindness and deter hatred. I invited you to allow kindness to wave over you this holiday season, as you will then be able to share this with every person who catches your smile!


Happy Thanksgiving Friends 🙂

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