Importance of Doing Something with all those Photos on your Smart Phone

Recently, I my wedding photographer, Robyn, posted this graphics from a recent poll curated by the Professional Photographers of America. After seeing this my heart sank a little. 


Maybe it’s because I just love photos, but seriously… what’s the point of taking all these pictures on our smart phones if you’re not going to do anything with them. You’re not going to keep that phone forever. Perhaps you back them up to your computer, but what happens if someone spills water on it or your hard drive dies? 


I understand that everyone is busy busy busy and not everyone is like me and loves to make photo books. So I found some apps that you can use to simply upload your pics and badabig badaboom… Pictures off your phone and into your life!

Social Print Studio

This is an app that allows you to make photo books starting at $15. The softcover book allows you to upload 38 photos and they have super cute fun sizes like the Minibooks  (2 50 page books that can hold up to 100 photos) and the Tinybooks (set of 3 books with 24 each… small enough to hold a magnet and put on your fridge!


This is a different style app that costs $2.99 per month and then select 40-100 pictures per month and then your 4×6 book arrives at your door! And each page is perforated so you take it out of the book and put it on the fridge, send it to Grandma or use it for a craft project!

Mosaic by MixBook

This super cool app creates a 7×7 book for $25 including shipping and includes 20 pictures making it perfect for mini vacations or specific events. While I tend to want more photos included this book would make an excellent gift for Grandparents!

Have me do it for you!

That’s right! I’ll do the work for you… you create a Shutterfly account, upload your pics and then give me your login info and I’ll make it for you. Then you can order it at your convenience. Pricing starts at $35 plus the cost of the book (which depends on the size) Click here for all the details, and feel free to e-mail me if your interested and we can talk about your needs!



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