November Yoga Playlist:


A few months ago I noticed something different happening in my personal yoga practice. I noticed my hips were moving, my fingertips and toes were moving, my heart was full and I was dancing in my down dog. Why did this crazy movement make its way into my yoga practice? Something that is said should be still, and relaxing? Well… I just love to dance!! It brings joy to my heart, it creates a feeling of lightness, it reminds of me of the freedom that my mind and my body can have on my mat. Our yoga mat is a safe space, for us to be free, have fun, and freakin dance if we want too. Yoga has gotten a pretty “serious” rep but our physical practice, Vinyasa yoga specifically, can also be called a “moving meditation” this movement can be similar to a dance, flowing your breath to each movement to create a light and fluid flow. Our world is filled with serious and heavy events use this time on your mat to remind yourself that you can be light, you can smile and move your hips, you have the freedom to be YOU.

You know what helps me dance in my down dog? A super awesome sauce playlist!


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