The REAL Benefit of Chair Pose

When I first started practicing yoga it was honestly because Monika needed someone to practice teach with. 3 years later, I still practice 2-3x a week and I love it! In the beginning one of my least favorite poses was Utkatasana or Chair Pose. Ugh… the burning thighs, shaking ankles… it was the pits.


According to Yoga Journal, the benefits of Chair Pose are:

  • trengthens the ankles, thighs, calves, and spine
  • Stretches shoulders and chest
  • Stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm, and heart
  • Reduces flat feet


However after about a year of practicing chair pose, I finally realized the REAL reason I’m so grateful for chair pose… I now have the ability to hover over a port-o-potty seat!

As gross as it is, I’ve never been a hoverer. I just couldn’t do it. Mall bathroom, I’d try my hardest to hover over the toilet, but in the end… I’d have to give up. So my solution to the whole port-o-potty situation was to just hold it.

Anywoo, I don’t remember exactly when it was, but it was at some busy, crowded bar and the look of that toilet… oooo lordy… not ok. So I layered the TP over the seat and then decided to give the ol’ hover a go. And then I did it! I hovered the whole time! I was so stoked.


Since then, my fear of the port-o-potty has subsided and when I have to go into chair pose in class, I say bring it on!

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