Wool Dryer Balls: The Key to Delicious Lavender Laundry

There is nothing better than burying your face in a soft, dry, fluffy, towel that smells lightly of lavender. How do you achieve this? Norwex Wool dryer balls and a few drops of YL Lavender Essential Oil!

Wool Dryer Balls- The Key to Delicious Lavender Laundry

I bought the Norwex wool dryer balls a while back and I love them. I drop 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil onto each ball and then after I put my wet laundry in they dryer I toss in my balls.

lavender and dryer balls2

Then I do throw a non-scented dryer sheet in there (because it still gets very static-y) turn on the dryer and voila! The clothes dry quicker with the balls in there and everything comes out smell delicious. I like to add lemon and lavender to loads of clothes and extra lavender to the sheets and pillow cases.

lavender and dryer balls3

Do you use wool dryer balls and essential oils? Which ones? How do you like them. Share with us in the comments!

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