Journey to Crow and Side Crow

Journey to Crow and Side Crow

When setting up a home practice sometimes it gets hard to incorporate new postures into your everyday practice. It is fun to find new ways to warm up your body in order to get to postures such as arm balances or some inversions. Here are 2 short yoga series that you can do to warm up for two of my favorite arm balances!

Journey to Crow and Side Crow

Crow pose (Bakasana)

Short Flow:

Childs pose- side stretch
Cat cow
Reach and pull to center opposite arm and leg
High plank hold
Rag doll hanging forward cold

Sun A

I: Mountain
E: Forward Fold
I: Half way lift
E: Chatarunga
I: Cobra Pose
E: Downward Facing dog

 Sun B

I: chair block between palms
E: airplane arms block between palms
I: chair
E: chatarunga
Down ward Dog
E: knee to right tricep
E: knee to nose
I: crescent
E: warrior 2
I: reaching reverse warrior
E: chatarunga
Flow x2

 side crow - snow

Side Crow (Parsva Bakasana)

The Same set up and Sun A as Crow Pose:

Standing series

Downward Facing Dog
E: Knee to opposite tricep
E: Knee to nose
I: Warrior 1
E: Low Lunge
I: Side plank
E: High plank
I: Down Dog Kick
E: Low Lunge
I: Crescent
E: Airplane
I: Chair
E: Prayer twist
E: Forward Fold
I: Halfway lift
E: Chatarunga

Cool Down

Embryo pose
Shoulder stretch
Half frog
Half pigeon
Forward folding

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