Why Yoga Outside?!

Why Yoga Outside-!If you follow Yogis on Instagram you already know that we really enjoy taking yoga pictures in the oddest of places, sometimes extreme, and most definitely by sunsets and on cliffs. Not only do these outside endeavors makes great photo-shoots but also it feels absolutely lovely to practice yoga outside!

side crow - snow

Here are the 3 reasons why:

 Sunshine beautiful sunshine: I am used to practicing yoga in the heat, and a heated yoga studio is one of my favorite places to be, but doing your first Sun Salutation A under the sunshine cannot be beat. Not only do you get some vitamin D but with the help of the rays of sunshine and some internal heating breathing, you can create your own hot yoga studio.


Fresh Air: As humans we truly do not get outside enough. It might just be me, but even during the summer months I sometimes find myself lying on the couch after dinner instead of sitting out on the balcony or going for a stroll outside. Taking a chance to lay your mat or towel outside instead of inside forces you to spend time in the fresh air that we are so lucky to have.

on the stumps

Animal Friends: Ok…we live in Chicago, so we will not be able to practice yoga next to bison or koala bears, but we might see ants, chipmunks, some rats and a squirrel or two! And that’s pretty cool if you ask me. There is nothing like a chipmunk running underneath your down dog or the beautifully awful sound of squirrel mating calls during your meditation.

wheel - tropical

Best outside places to practice yoga: (please practice at your own risk)
By a lake
By an ocean
On a beach
On a cliff by an ocean
On a cliff by a lake
In the forest
In the Amazon
On a boat
On an air mattress on a lake
On a paddleboard
By a tree
In a tree
In a forest preserve
On a farm
In your backyard
Someone else’s backyard
In your front yard
In your garden (bunnies! And a snack after yoga)
Outside your yoga studio
Public Parks
Dog Parks (watch out)
On a wood pile
In the drive way
On the sidewalk
And…that’s about it.

So go outside and practice yoga!

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