My German Fest Milwaukee Essential Oil Checklist

One of the most fun, exciting and exhausting weekend of my year is coming up this weekend: German Fest Milwaukee! I pack up all the Rare Dirndls, blouses, accessories, jewelry, and a whole bunch of supplies and hit the road. My mom and I will pack up the trailer Thursday morning and set up the basics of the 10 x 10 booth at the Summerfest Grounds.

My German Fest Milwaukee Essential Oil Checklist

We set up the tarps (rain protection), carpeting (it’s a pop-up boutique… gotta make it look damn good!), mini walls, lights, posters and table. Then Friday we set up the rest of  the goods, Monika arrives and the fest begins! For the rest of the weekend we enjoy all the German music, food, dirndls and people. It’s truly a wonderful event.

Rare Dirndl- German Fest Milwaukee

This year I’ve prepared an essential oil checklist for myself (along with the other 65 checklists I make for this weekend) and here it is:

Homemade PanAway Roll-on: Part of my morning routine on my feet.
Homemade Worrying Wagner Oil Roll-on: Also part of my morning routine for my feet
Peppermint Oil: In case my breath gets a little rank after a lunch of pig face
Lemon Oil: In case anything gets a little sticky
Deep Relief Roll-on: For my aching feet or in case I get shin-splints (I know… I would only run if zombies were chasing me, but I get them all the time)
Homemade Digize Roll-on: In case that potato pancake doesn’t sit right
Peace & Calming Oil Blend: Because sometimes those long days can get a bit overwhelming

The three of us turn my dirndl business into a family business for this weekend. We crush it every year and I’m super pumped because this is Rare Dirndl‘s 5th year as a vendor at German Fest Milwaukee.

Neumayer sisters - dazed and diffuzed blog

You can find my booth on the southeast corner of the Marktplatz closest to the Harley Stage. You can also keep an eye out for the badassery oozing from our booth that’s filled with kick-ass dirndl, gorgeous Neumayer girls and plenty of schnitzel on a stick from SCHNITZels & Giggles!

Rare dirndl  germanfest - Schnitzel on a stick

See you there!!!!!!

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