Stubborn Sticker? Try Citrus Oil!

Stubborn Sticker - try citrus oil

We had all new windows installed about 4 years ago and just a few weeks ago I realized that the window in our spare room still has the sticker on it!! I tried to pick it off and I was getting beyond frustrated. It was not coming off… so I moved on. This sticker began haunting me in my dreams. It needed to go!

I remembered someone mentioning that they used Lemon oil to remove stubborn stickers, but I was all out of lemon, so I grabbed my Tangerine Oil. It came free with one of my orders, so I thought let’s give it ago.

stubborn sticker1

I saturated the sticker with the oil by dropping the oil straight on it. I let it soak in for about 2 hours and when I came back. Pretty much the entire sticker just peeled off! I used a razor blade to get the rest, but it was seriously so so easy!

No more sticker nightmares for me!

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