DIY Yoga Mat Spray

DIY yoga mat spray

Yoga Teacher: “Hi! My name is Anne and I will be guiding you through your 60 min yoga practice today! Welcome to your mat, we will start in Childs Pose”

You: “Crap…I would really rather not put my nose on my disgusting smelling yoga mat..maybe I will start in savasana instead…”

Whether you practice yoga once a week or 5 times a week your yoga mat normally does not smell like roses each time you come back to it. I personally use a sticky yoga mat there are not many solutions to washing this mat so I have opted to just use water, but this does nothing for the smell and is most likely not getting any of the bacteria off of my mat. I decided to dig into my essential oils to see what might be a great fit for a yoga mat cleaning solution.

DIY Yoga Mat Spray: 

2oz Spray Bottle
2-3 Drops Tea Tree
2-3 Drops Lavender
2 tablespoons of witch hazel
Fill w/ Distilled water

This has been working great! The musty smell is hardly there anymore, both tea tree and lavender oils have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Lavender makes it smell much better and Tea Tree adds to a fresh clean feeling.


WARNING: If you also use a sticky mat I would suggest not using this solution each and every time; the oils might break down the sticky properties of the mat, which might make the mat slippery after time.


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