Handstands are freakin’ scary


So handstand have made a strong entrance into the yoga world and when we see them we think automatically that hand stand is the posture we are all striving to reach and perfect one day. But the thing is, that handstands are freakin’ scary as all hell. All of your body weight is in your little ol’ hands when in real life that weight is supposed to be in your feet. Your life legit turns upside down, and breathing becomes a struggle, worst of all, you might fall and die, ok you probably won’t die, but it seems like you will when you first attempt a handstand.

Handstands are freakin’ scary

My favorite thing about practicing handstands is failing at handstand, over and over and over and over again. Once you start collecting your failed attempts that is when you will start to see the final results!


Here is a short prep and some fun exercises to try on your mat to journey into handstands!

A few tips:

  • Remember to breath
  • Corset your ribs and entire core
  • Imagine your inner thighs are making you a delicious quesadilla in a quesadilla maker
  • Press your mat away from you like it said something incredibly offensive


Handstand time prep!

Over heard Block Lifts:
Start in a seat, squeeze block in between palms, hold out in front of you, hold over head
lift-lower-shake x4
Take same thing standing while starting to engage inner thighs

High plank – protract the shoulders
Childs pose
Knee to nose – protract shoulders

 Bosu Ball Pike Prep

Wall/off the mat beginner hops
Knee in to begin
Shoulders forward over wrists
Tighten core
L- Shape

Cool Down
Thread the needle
Shoulder stretch side to side
Eagle arms gomukasana
Tricep release
Chest expansion seated palms to mat


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