Latest Love: USB Diffuser | Essential Oils at the Office!

Have you ever been sitting at your desk thinking…”I wish I could have my diffuser in my cubicle”…Well do I have the diffuser for you!

Essential Oils at the Office!

I thought the same thing a few months back but did not want to buy an entirely new diffuser and thought my office was simply too small to have a big diffuser. Than I found the USB Diffuser and it was happily ever after ever since!

All you do is place your favorite oil into your USB diffuser and plug it into your laptop! I chose Peace & Calming because I knew I would never get sick of diffusing it, and it would be great for the stress of a work place environment. That being said the only downfall is you really can only put one oil, or an oil that will blend well with others in your diffuser.


Do you want your happily ever after? The USB Diffuser comes in 3 pretty colors and you can purchase yours right now by clicking this link-> The Magic USB Diffuser! Only $22.75 for YL Members and $29.93 for Non YL Members.


Want to get started using Essential Oils for yourself and save 24% every time you order? CLICK HERE to get the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit and our FREE guide “6 Ways to Start Using Essential Oils”! We’ll be in touch within 24 hours  Erika & Monika


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