How Themeing My Days Changed the Way I Work

Last summer, I took a course by Todd Herman and one of my biggest takeaways was adding a theme to each weekday. It’s such as simple thing to do, and as a small business owner… it was a GAME CHANGER!

How Themeing My Days Changed the Way I Work

Here’s what I did: I simply wrote down the most important things that must get done in my business and I came up with – marketing, financial work, custom dirndl work, planning, team building work, organizing, focus time.

Then I assigned each thing a day and wrote a description for each:

Marketing Monday – Write blog, write and schedule weekly email, schedule Facebook posts, make any website updates.

Team Tuesday – Check in with team members and see what they need, create task lists for the week, write 1 protocol or instruction for binder.

Custom Work Wednesday – Work on custom dirndls: sketches, fabric sourcing, cutting sewing etc. If no open orders, make updates to custom worksheets, website etc or create a marketing plan to get more custom, bridal or bridesmaids work

Thinking Thursday – Pay bills, check in with the budget, reconcile check book or credit card statements, pay sales taxes. Run any business or personal errands.

Finish Up Friday – Check each day’s to-do list and finish up anything that did not get finished, work on items that are on the “pop-up” list, clean up with studio, call Grandma, go to yoga.

Saturday – OFF (and if I decide to work… then just make sure it’s something I enjoy)

Schedule it Sunday – Think about the week ahead and write down the most important things to do for the week and which day it should get accomplished on.

I don’t spend the entire day on the theme (except Wednesdays) but I have to do at least 1 thing that has to do with the theme. So on Thursday, I might spend the majority of my day working on cutting for production, but I have to do 1 financial thing that day a some point.

Besides the weeks where there are big events, I have stuck to this schedule and it has changed the way I work and given me a sense of freedom and power. You may be wondering how setting strict rules of myself like this could possibly give me freedom, but it has!


It has given me the power to say, “No, I’m not working on that today. That is for —day.” It also forces me to do things that I do not like, like budgeting. Then I don’t fall behind.

The only day I struggle with is Sunday. I’m not so good at scheduling my week, but it’s ok… I’ll try better next week!

This is only one of the many ways that I work to try and stay on task (and sane), but it’s the one that has helped the most. Do you have any secrets to getting shit done, staying organized etc? Tell us about them in the comments!


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