Erika… Can You Make Me a Photo Book?

People have started asking me this or saying to people “GAH! I wish I could pay Erika to make me a photo book! Cuz… let’s face it… I’ll never do it myself” Well you can!

Erika... Can You Make Me a Photo Book?

I LOVE photo books for 1 simple reason… I love photos and in today’s fast paced world people take a bunch of pictures with their phone and never use them. Photo books are the perfect way to make tangible memories from your photos.

Make me a photobook on shutterfly

Sure there are sites out there where you can upload your camera roll and they’ll print you a book, but mine are different. I take time to make them, crop the photos and only put in the good ones. Who wants to look at a blurry picture of Uncle John with mustard on his face? At the time it was HILARIOUS because it looked like a booger and you already had 2 glasses of wine, but it’s not photo book worthy… I know these things!

I’ve made a bunch for myself… and by bunch I mean 16 with 2 on the way. I’ve made many for friends and family too.

I like to think that I specialize in 3 types of books:

#1- Yearly or Multiple Event Books: Books that have all the events from 2015 from Ice Skating at Maggie Daley Park to Labor Day Weekend all the way to Okotberfest and New Years Eve. I also recently made a Wedding Journey Book that contained all the photos from our engagement all the way through to our honeymoon.

yearly book

#2- Wedding or Single Event Books: Self explanatory… your wedding photos or baby Julie’s first year. These books have little to no text at all

singe event book

#3- Travel Books: A book dedicated to your trip or vacation! This book will have a good amount of text (written by you… I wasn’t there) to talk about your experience. “But I don’t want to write about it. The pictures are enough” No, you are wrong. You will forget and in 35 years you’re gonna be like “I’m so glad Erika made me write all this.” But if you really don’t want to, I’m not going to force you.

travel book

Here is a pdf with more information about pricing and the process.

Want me to make you a photo book? Email me and we’ll get started!



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