Ah Sh*t… Turn Around, I forgot my Oils

“Ah! I forgot my oils!”

“why do you need them?”

“Is that a serious question? Turn around we have to go back.”

Ah Sh*t... Turn Around, I forgot my Oils

This was a brief conversation had between my boyfriend and myself when headed out for the night. It made me realize and think about all of the tiny things I use my oils for day and night! Here is a brief list of my must have travel oils, specifically for a night out on the town.

Peppermint: I have bad breath and just feel icky

Digize: I ate an entire burrito with extra sour cream

Lavender: Can you just stop talking for a second… your making me overwhelmed

Peace & Calming: Why have you not stopped complaining yet?

Lemon: I’m freakin tired

Orange or Tangerine: This tap water tastes like toilet bowl water

Grapefruit: Still freakin tired

Thieves: Did you really just sneeze into my glass of cabernet?

PanAway or Deep Releif: Your yappin is giving me a headache

Valor: The amount of people in this bar is giving me extreme anxiety

R.C.: Why is everyone smoking cigarettes? I really would like to just leave the door closed my nose is getting stuffy.

Black Pepper or Grapefruit: I wish these smokers would just take a whiff of this and start dealing with their nasty habit… maybe I can trick them!

Stress Relief: Ugh this cab is taking forever I want to scream

Ylang Ylang: I’m feelin’ a little frisky after this glass of proseco

Lavender & Cedarwood: Ahhhh finally a pillow! Goodnight world

Do you find yourself turning around to go back for your oils? Which ones are always with you? Share your thoughts in the comments!!


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