Getting Upside Down in this Upside Down World

Getting Upside Down in the Upside Down World

The world can seem so different when you are upside down! To me the world seems to slow down when I am upside down. The hustle and bustle of everyday life takes a back seat when I decide its time to work on handstands, hang out in a tripod headstand, or put my legs up the wall. My first downward facing dog of the day seems to makes my to do list seem that much more reachable, and with one ragdoll pose I can feel my worries wash away.


Why have I added getting upside down part of my everyday to do list?!

  • It is both energizing and relaxing:
    • Some inversions, such as headstand, handstands and forearm stands will move blood to your brain quicker, resulting in both physical and mental energy boosts. Inversions such as legs up the wall pose, ragdoll pose, or shoulder stand can work to calm the nervous system and slow down your breath.
  • Help keep the body healthy:
    • Yup, that’s right! Being upside down allows lymph to travel easier in your respiratory system helping to rid toxins from the body.
  • Improves Circulation:
    • When you are upside down gravity will automatically bring the brain more oxygen and blood, with the fresh blood flow it will increase mental health, concentration, and memory.
  • New perspectives:
    • Things look different upside down! Sometimes all you need during a busy day is a change of perspective. Is your creative mind at a block? Are you struggling getting through that excel doc? Take a second to get upside down and then come back to it.
  • SO FUN!:
    • When you are working on your inversion practice you are not thinking about what time you have to bring jimmy to soccer practice, your not thinking about grocery shopping or that deadline at work, your thinking about how much fun your having getting upside down!

If that doesn’t make you want to get upside down I don’t know what will!! See ya on the flip side 😉


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