Essential Oil to get out Grease and Oil Stains?!

My friend and bridesmaid Kat and I have been listening to a podcast called Revolution Oils. It’s really great, super informative and easy to listen to. In episode 7, Lemon Essential Oil: Elevate your body. Elevate your Mind – Interview with Krissy Chin, Krissy talks about a bunch of awesome uses for Lemon oil. She mentioned that she used Lemon Essential Oil to remove an oil stain from a shirt! What the WHAT?! Oil to get out oil?!

Essential Oil to get out Oil Stains?!

Kat’s husband works in HVAC and is constantly getting grease, gunk and oil on his clothes. He has special work clothes, but it would be nice to get those stains out anyway. She sent me this picture and said, “Ok… I’m going to try the Lemon Oil trick”. Both of us were SUPER skeptical.

Lemon Essential Oil to remove Grease Stains

An hour later, I get this picture texted to me. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! She said there was still a little left on there… probably because the stain was enormous to begin with, so she washed it again and said, “well… the stain is completely gone! Wouldn’t have believed it until I tried it.”

I don’t know the science behind it… but I know it works! Crazy, I know… but I cannot wait to get a bottle of Lemon Oil to keep in the Laundry room! How do you use Lemon in your home to clean? I’m also excited to try Krissy’s recipe using Lemon oil to mop the floors, clean the counters, tables etc.



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