Don’t Forget to Breathe!

As a yogi and a human being I love breathing. I love that I am on this earth and able to breathe in the fresh air, sometimes not so fresh air, and millions of different scents. Having breath or pranayama allows us to feel throughout the body, even the mind. Your breath can inspire, it can move you, create space, close something off. In yoga, you can truly use your breath to awaken your practice, to build heat, or to find something new in a pose you might have never found before.

Don't forget to beathe

Today and throughout your holiday season, as I am speaking to in my classes, remember your breath. It is truly yours, housed by your body, your home! When you feel overwhelmed at any time this weekend whether its Crazy Uncle Fred, or Great Aunt Pam is driving you up the wall, maybe the sound of children screaming about Bratz dolls and new Star Wars toys is making you want to run and hide, guess what…BREATHE.


Here are two of my favorite super simple breathing techniques I like to use in times of stress, or if I forget I actually have breath running through my lungs all together.

  1. Ujjay Pranaynama: Also known as oceanic breath or Darth Vadar breathing, this is an audible breath. Begin with an inhale through your nose and an end with an audible exhale through your nose. You might feel a little restriction in the back of your throat. Not only do I use this breath to build internal heat while flowing through a Vinyasa class, but I use it to calm my mind.
  2. One Nostril Breathing: This is exactly has it sounds, and it works wonders especially if you close your eyes softly. You can also use this technique when trying to get to sleep! Hold one finger on your right nostril, breathe in, let go of right nostril cover left nostril, breathe out. Simple as that!


Young Living’s Breathe Again Roll On not only smells amazing, but it will awaken your breath and clear a passage for fresh air to occupy your lunges! It combines four powerful varieties of eucalyptus oils, Laurus nobilis, Rose hip, Peppermint, Copaiba, Blue Cypress, and Myrtle essential oils.


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