5 Easy (and thrifty) DIY Holiday Gifts Using Essential Oils

Monika and I are not part of a huge family, but when it comes time for Christmas gifts, the list can get pretty darn long. As a small business owner and a yoga teacher… we don’t have a huge budget for holiday gifts either, so we’ve come up with some great ways to use something we love (essential oils) and create gifts for our family and friends! We are customizing each gift to the person and their needs which makes it more personal and more meaningful! So even if you have deep pockets, these ideas are great, thoughtful ways to make the holidays special!5 easy and thrift DIY holiday gifts using essential oils

lavender-bath-salts#1- Customized Bath Salts
– Someone in your family loves taking baths? Make them bath salts! Athletic cousin Peter runs track and plays basketball? Make him bath salts using Panaway. Mom takes a bath every Friday to relax and wind down? How about using Lavender! Click Here for a recipe using just about any empty YL bottles to make the bath salts.



#2- Customized Body Butter – Everyone loves a great way to soften their hands in the winter, and if you’ve got people who work with their hands all day, this is the perfect gift. You can use any oil as a fragrance, so if you know crazy Aunt Sally needs a little peace and calming in her life… then use Peace and Calming! If old Uncle Sal needs a little uplifting and positivity in his life, maybe a mixture of citruses like Orange and Lemon. Click here for a recipe for body butter. 

dazed and diffused body butter

#3- Customized RollerballsThis is a great gift for those family members that are always on the go. Does Cousin Jane have 4 kids in school bringing home all those pesky germs? Make her a roller ball with Thieves, Oregano, Lemon and Purification for her neck and feet. Grandpa having trouble sleeping without Grandma around? Make him a roller ball with Cederwood and Lavender for his feet at night. Simply add 3-9 drops (depending on the size of the roller) of the oils and then fill the rest with a carrier oil like sweet almond, V-6 or coconut. And don’t forget to label it!

dazed and diffused roller balls

thieves spray#4- Customized Essential Oils Spray – Another easy gift that can be customized for anyone in the family. You can use it as a room spray or a perfume! Click here for a recipe for a citrus room spray, but the same recipe can be modified to use whichever oil you think would fit best. Stepbrother Steve can’t kick that cold? Make him a Thieves spray! Dad’s new job making him stressed? How about a Stress Away Spray for his car?

#5- Customized Sugar ScrubOur last suggestion is a sugar scrub! Whether you choose a facial scrub, foot scrub or body scrub… you can again make it customized for the person. Grandma Jean need a moisturizer for those feeties and feel energized?  How about a Peppermint/Orange foot scrub? Cousin Sara need help relaxing after all those grad school exams? How about a calming Lavender/Rosemary scrub? Click here for a recipe from our great friend Paula from Barefoot & Boundless.

barefoot and boundless sugar scrub


Want to get started using Essential Oils for yourself? CLICK HERE to get the Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit and our FREE guide “6 Ways to Start Using Essential Oils”! We’ll be in touch within 24 hours  Erika & Monika

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