Yoga Sculpt: A Game Changer

Yoga has changed my life in more ways than I can type, when I think about my practice I automatically begin to think about the amazing things it has done for my state of mind, overall life outlook, and body. When I walked in to Corepower Yoga 4 years ago I saw “Yoga Sculpt” on the list of classes and immediately said “Aw…hell nah!! I ain’t got time for that.” Guess what…Yoga Sculpt wiggled it’s way into my life and it is here to stay. To me, the gym has always been like a haunted house of horrors: scary machines, big men, serious workout faces, and aimless wandering about because I have no idea what to do with myself. Now, I have nothing against the gym or gym goers (as my amazing boyfriend frequents the gym and I am sure if I went with him I would not be wandering around aimlessly). BUT when you have yoga sculpt in your life…why be surrounded by scary machines?!


Yoga Sculpt is a workout like no other, it combines a yoga flow with light pound weights (2-12 lb), squat series, cardio bursts, and breath. My first class I thought I died, my 50th class I still think I might die, yesterday in class I thought I died, but as soon as I flop into my savasana I know it was all worth it. My encouraging instructors continue to keep me moving, find growth and power I do not think I have, and come up with new and fun workouts for the 60 minute sequence.

Yoga Sculpt2

After integrating Yoga Sculpt and our Bootcamp program into my life and practice was the first time I felt I could hold my handstand for more then 1 small breath. It was after finding sculpt that I finally had an ounce of cardio in my life that I did not want to run home, crawl in my pillows and cry. It was after finding Yoga Sculpt that I woke up sore again, knowing that this soreness was not wrong, but it was growth and strength that was about to make my mind, body and life stronger and ready for any ass kicking, mentally, physically, emotionally.

Alright…I do have some help with the physical soreness that Yoga Sculpt leaves behind. My Deep Relief Roll On is there for me when I need it most…2 days after a sculpt class. In it’s easy to use roll on I am able to just roll the tension away without having to stay away from my mat because I cant move from my bed.


If you have not tried Yoga Sculpt, want to challenge yourself, are sick of the gym, or just want to try something new join me every Thursday at 10:30am at CPY Arlington Heights! But, keep your Deep Relief handy because I am sure to deliver a booty-kicking workout!


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