Essential Thanksgiving Checklist

thanksgivingYesterday, Thanksgiving Day, was packed full of yoga, friends, family, food, wine and amazing energy. It was the first Thanksgiving that I had my oils to accompany me through the holiday.





Here is my Essential Thanksgiving Checklist!

  • Peace & Calming II
  • Lemon Oil & Orange Oil
  • Ningxia red
  • Digize
  • Cedarwood & Lavender “Sleepy Bear Blend”

I started off my day waiting to lead 47 amazing yogis, mat to mat, in a steamy room through a sweaty Hot Power Fusion Class. I have been teaching for 2 years now, but I still get a nervous excitement each and every time I step into teach class, 1 drop of the aromatic Peace & Calming II was exactly what I needed before teaching.


After an incredibly energizing class it was time to clean up the studio and head home to get ready to leave for the city! Although I was up early, and awake enough to teach, I did have a few glasses of wine the night before so I was feeling a bit slow when I got home. I knew that a shot of Ningxia Red  would perk me right up! It was exactly the energy boost I needed to kick my booty into gear!

wine and ningx red

Appetizers, Turkey, Stuffing, Oh My! Not to mention one of my favorite parts of any Thanksgiving celebration, pumpkin pie along side of a hot coffee with whipped cream and amaretto. Holy TASTY! Although it all so tasty going in I was sure thankful to find Erika’s bottle of Digize upstairs.

After a wonderful celebration of gratitude, Erika’s 29th birthday, all the food, and all the wine, it was time for a restful sleep. Diffusing the sleepy bear blend was exactly what was up next on the time line of my night. The woody, sharp and soothing scent of Cedarwood oil compliments the beautiful, floral and relaxing scent of Lavender oil oh so…so..….zzzz….zzzz.



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