What to Diffuse if You’ve Got That 2:30 Feeling

krampus_infitiy scarfQuick story… I designed a new custom fabric featuring the unique, controversial and creepily amazing Alpine Christmas Creature, Krampus. I released an infinity scarf using this fabric and… it sold out in 2 days!! So now I have 30+ scarves to make. It was 2:30 on Friday and I needed a boost. The repetitive and tedious nature of sewing 30+ scarves was starting to take its toll so I grabbed my diffuser and decided it was time for some Grapefruit Oil.

diffuse grapefruit for energy

Diffusing 5-6 drops of grapefruit oil can uplift your mood and thus elevate your energy and productivity. I could easily sink into a “sew-hole”, but the refreshing scent of the citrus kept me going! Whoop Whoop… more scarves here we come.


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