What We’re Diffusing: Perfect Fall Blend

What are we diffusing right now!?

Perfect Blend for Fall


  • 2 Drops Orange
  • 2 Drops Thieves®
  • 1 Drop Copaiba

Chill in the air, scarves, boots, blankets, hot apple cider, comfort foods, these are just a few of the things that remind us of the wonderful season of FALL! This fall-inspired blend will not disappoint when diffused around the house.

Thieves® brings you the scent of cinnamon, clove, and rosemary while Orange cuts in with tangy citrus notes that will brighten any chilly day. One drop of Copaiba will bring it all together with a warm woody scent that will make you want to curl up next to the fireplace with something pumpkin spiced.


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